CEED allowed me to meet and collaborate with world leaders in decision science.

Carly Cook introCEED allowed me to meet and collaborate with world-leaders in decision science.

I joined CEED in 2011 after completing my PhD at The University of Queensland. CEED provided an outstanding intellectual environment for me to develop as an independent researcher. Richard Fuller and Hugh Possingham were fantastic mentors for me, contributing to the science I was conducting and in providing invaluable advice about how to develop my career in conservation science.

One of the many ways in which CEED benefited me, was through an early-career-researcher travel grant. The award allowed me to travel to the UK to meet with leaders in the field of evidence-based conservation: Bill Sutherland from Cambridge Uni and Andrew Pullin at Bangor Uni. This experience had a lasting impact on my career. It enabled me to form collaborations with both research groups, and encouraged me to become one of the founding members of the Australian arm of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence: the Centre for Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice.

I am now a lecturer at Monash Uni where I have also started my own research group. Our focus is on integrating evidence into conservation decisions and developing decision support tools.

- Dr Carly Cook

More info: https://carlycookresearch.wordpress.com/