The CEED leadership program is an initiative to develop environmental leaders by equipping early career researchers with the scientific and leadership skills necessary to create positive environmental change. The program aims to both benefit participants’ careers and build on the CEED legacy.

The program began in 2014, stemming from an expressed need for  training beyond technical and analytical skills. We have 14 participants in the 2014-15 cohort, consisting of PhD students in their second year and postdoctoral researchers, representing almost all CEED nodes.

The  program aims to maintain a balance between the theories and practice of environmental leadership development, and flexibility for participants already committed to their studies.  More details below, but be sure to read the blog developed and maintained by the participants.


The program involves gatherings of the cohort, focused skill training events, and cohort-designed activities that foster team leadership development as well as personalised action plans for self-assessment and growth.

Leadership Training, November 2014


2014 training participants. Left to Right:
Back: Claire Foster, Jeremy Simmonds, Andre Taylor (facilitator), Tanja Straka, Nathalie Butt, Matthew Mitchel, Gerry Ryan.
Middle: Colleen Corrigan, Ramona Maggini, Payal Bal, Sam Nicol, Luke Kelly, Martina Di Fonzo.
Front: Megan Evans, Stephanie Pulsford, Kerrie WilsonHannah Fraser (nee Pearson).

The first cohort began their program with a week of intensive leadership training in November 2014. The week saw participants being mentored and trained by external experts as well as senior researchers from across the nodes. During the week participants covered topics including: media training; facilitation training; career strategy mentoring; skills transfer; and discussing ideas with invited experts.

Special guest speakers included: Dr Peter Cosier, Wentworth Group; Dr Simon Ferrier, CSIRO; Dr Nick Heath, WWF; Professor Paul Meredith, The University of Queensland; Dr Sally Troy, Australian Federal Government (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry); Professor Helene Marsh, James Cook University; Professor Mike Young, Adelaide University; Kent Redford (WCS) and Dr James Watson (WCS), and; Senator Larissa Waters, Greens Senator.

The main change ...

“ ... was understanding that leadership starts with personal leadership and that it doesn’t only come from a defined ‘leader’ of a group, but can come from anyone in a team.”

Cohort Blog

The participants have developed a blog to share their experiences... read more