About our research

Director Hugh PossinghamCEED is an Australian Research Council (ARC) partnership between universities and other research institutions and is the world’s leading research centre for solving environmental management problems and for evaluating the outcomes of environmental actions.

Our key researchers are recognized as global leaders in fundamental environmental science, and we put a high priority on the career development of the next generation of conservation researchers. We also collaborate extensively and see interactivity as the key to our success.

Through our key researchers, we will benefit environmental science, policy and management across Australia and around the world, by tackling the complex problems of environmental management and monitoring in a rapidly changing and uncertain world.

- Prof Hugh Possingham, Director

Research themes

All of our research is coordinated through five themes led by dedicated theme leaders. Explore each theme...

Theme A - Environmental Policy & Management Evaluation  (Leader: Prof Salit Kark)
Theme B - Optimal Monitoring  (Leader: Dr Jonathan Rhodes
Theme C - Socio/Ecological Analysis and Modelling  (Leader: Prof Sarah Bekessy)
Theme D - Ecological Theory and Processes  (Leader: Assoc Prof Peter Vesk)
Theme E - Quantitative Tools and Approaches  (Leader: Dr Michael Bode)

Outreach and communication

Our publications form part of our legacy to contribute to global knowledge, inform policy and society, and make a real impact in the world. We publish our findings regularly across a range of platforms for researchers, policymakers, practioners and the interested general public alike. 

For bite-sized summaries of our research, look for research news and media releases through this website. You may also come across our researchers on television or radio interviews. Another way to keep on top of the latest CEED research is to read or subscribe (free!) to Decision Point, a great monthly magazine.

The full details of our research are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, which can be browsed through our publications directory.
The finer details of our research centre are outlined in the Annual Reports and Reviews, provided here on our website.

For regular updates on new findings or events, tune in to CEED on Facebook or Twitter (@ARC_CEED).



CEED offers a number of opportunities to support research in environmental decision-making: Grants (Early Career Researcher), Postdoctoral Fellowships and Postgraduate Scholarships are available.