hotblack MorguefileCCwebNew research published in Nature - Ecology & Evolution has contributed to our understanding of larval fish dispersal in the oceans. A team of researchers, including CEED's Dr Michael Bode, have documented larval dispersal in two fish species (butterfly fish and clownfish) over 2 years in the extensive Papua New Guinea seascape. The  data will better inform management tools used by fisheries and marine reserves to manage ocean populations. 

See full journal article HERE, or read more in the news release 'Travel distances of juvenile fish key to better conservation' (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution).


Glenn R. Almany, Serge Planes, Simon R. Thorrold, Michael L. Berumen, Michael Bode, Pablo Saenz-Agudelo, Mary C. Bonin, Ashley J. Frisch, Hugo B. Harrison, Vanessa Messmer, Gerrit B. Nanninga, Mark A. Priest, Maya Srinivasan, Tane Sinclair-Taylor, David H. Williamson and Geoffrey P. Jones. 2017. Larval fish dispersal in a coral-reef seascapeNature - Ecology & Evolution 1, 0148.