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About #CEEDTC2018

On 22 May 2018, aligned with World Biodiversity Day, CEED will host the inaugural online Twitter Conference (#CEEDTC2018) with a focus on Environmental Decisions.  

The primary objectives are to strengthen our inter-node network using new technical platforms, keeping abreast of research developments and impact, and identifying new opportunities for inter-node collaboration. In addition, #CEEDTC2018 may provide additional outreach and engagement to a broader lay person audience and highlight CEED’s international standing.

Hosting a Twitter conference makes sense for several reasons. Firstly, although Twitter Conferences cannot replace the valuable interactions of traditional format conferences, they may be a cost-effective solution when funds are limited. Secondly, travel is not necessary. This provides equitable participation for people who may not have funds to travel, who may be in the field, or who may have personal commitments that preclude them from attending a face-to-face CEED conference. Thirdly, a large proportion of CEED research relates to the environmental impacts of climate change. Carbon emissions from conference travel contribute to the very environmental issues many CEED researchers are dedicated to addressing.


There will be four components to the Twitter conference:


1. Presentations
CEED members, alumni and associates will be encouraged to submit abstracts and present their research during the Twitter Conference potentially for both scientific and layperson audiences.

2. Keynote Speakers
Nominated International CEED alumni and leaders in the field will be invited to give a plenary presentation, which will be longer than the standard presentations.

3. Live Panel Discussions
Following each keynote speaker session, an invited panel of specialist experts (CEED members, CEED alumni and guest speakers) will hold a 20-minute live-streamed panel discussion to discuss the theme of the session.

4. Proceedings of the Conference
All presentations will be compiled into a Proceedings, which can be shared as a summary of the Twitter Conference research.