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On 22 May 2018 we successfully held our inaugural CEED Twitter conference on environmental decisions!


On 22 May 2018, aligned with World Biodiversity Day, CEED hosted its inaugural online Twitter Conference with a focus on Environmental Decisions.

It was a success, with over 200 participants and a potential reach of almost 600,000 people. The hashtag (#CEEDTC2018) trended at #1 on Twitter in Australia, and the conference reached all over the world. We're also very proud that the latest in environmental decision science was freely accessible to all, and that our online conference didn't generate travel emissions!

The primary objectives were to strengthen our inter-node network using new technical platforms, keep abreast of research developments and impact, and identify new opportunities for inter-node collaboration. In addition, #CEEDTC2018 may provide additional outreach and engagement to a broader lay person audience and highlight CEED’s international standing.

Hosting a Twitter conference makes sense for several reasons. Firstly, although Twitter Conferences cannot replace the valuable interactions of traditional format conferences, they may be a cost-effective solution when funds are limited. Secondly, travel is not necessary. This provides equitable participation for people who may not have funds to travel, who may be in the field, or who may have personal commitments that preclude them from attending a face-to-face CEED conference. Thirdly, a large proportion of CEED research relates to the environmental impacts of climate change. Carbon emissions from conference travel contribute to the very environmental issues many CEED researchers are dedicated to addressing.



View the schedule for #CEEDTC2018, held on Tuesday 22 May 2018. 

Our Twitter conference broadcast 57 presentations from the CEED community, including 8 invited speakers. The presentations, at 6 tweets each, ran from 7:00 am - 7:09 pm AEST on Tuesday 22 May 2018. 

Invited presenters: 


Professor Kerrie Wilson, Director ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, UQ.
Breaking the stalemate in the triage debate - what is the role of ethics?


Professor Michael McCarthy, Deputy Director ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, UM.
Pyrodiversity and biodiversity: Simple models but complex relationships.



Professor Hugh Possingham, Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy, USA & CEED Partner Investigator.
Spatial Action Mapping.


Professor Yvonne Buckley, Chair of Zoology, Trinity College Dublin & CEED Partner Investigator.
Climate suitability affects plant population persistence


Professor David Pannell, Director, Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy, UWA & CEED Chief Investigator.
Measuring the benefits of environmental research.


Professor Sarah Bekessy, RMIT Centre for Urban Research & CEED Chief Investigator.
Grappling with the social dimension of novel ecosystems.


Professor Brendan Wintle, Director National Environment Science Program Threatened Species Recovery Hub & CEED Chief Investigator.

How to participate

PDF iconDownload our guide   

 We welcome all CEED members, alumni and associates to participate, as well as everyone interested in environmental decisions and conservation science.

You can participate as a presenter, or be part of the Twitter audience.

Abstract submission is now closed. To present on the Twitter conference, you must have registered your abstract online by 30 April 2018. Thank you to everyone who has submitted, we look forward to your presentations!

Anyone can follow the proceedings by watching the Twitter feed of our conference hashtag #CEEDTC2018, either on Twitter or here on our webpage. After each presentation, you can ask questions and be part of the online discussion.

How does it work? Read our guide, which includes information on how it works, and guidelines for presenters.














Key dates

13 April 2018 Abstracts open
30 April 2018 Abstracts closed
22 May 2018 Conference Day

Twitter Conference


#CEEDTC2018 was a great success! 

To view the highlights, click here.

Book of Abstracts

Download Book of Abstracts (630KB)


View the schedule of presentations.

Presentations ran from 7 am - 7:09 pm AEST, 22 May 2018.